I created this character for a writing contest.  You can read the beginning of Nevil’s story right here.  (you can also sign in, click the heart and vote on the story)  I don’t know if I’ll revist Nevil but the short story was a lot of fun to write.  It was also great hearing from people who read Nevil that they wanted more of him.

Right now I don’t have plans to continue but you never know.  I’ve said that before right?

By Daylon Deon

Hey I'm Daylon Deon. I love gaming, cooking and you guessed it ... writing. I also love sunlight. I think I'm powered by the Sun actually but don't tell Clark that. Please check out all of my books and of course, enjoy reading! (at least I really hope you do) Take a look at my About Me Bio for more about me.

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