NEVIL wins 3rd Prize

Nevil Lastings.  Perhaps it’s a name that you’ll be hearing more of in the future.  My short entry in Inkitt’s End Game contest walked away with 3rd prize!  The judges called Nevil an “unpredictable and nail biting” story.

When I wrote it, I wasn’t expecting people to respond the way that they have.  Nevil has definitely left an impression on those who have read it.  I grew up on horror movies so to create a character and story in the genre that people enjoy is pretty damn awesome.

Thanks to you all!  If you haven’t read Nevil, give it glance and let me know what you think.

By Daylon Deon

Hey I'm Daylon Deon. I love gaming, cooking and you guessed it ... writing. I also love sunlight. I think I'm powered by the Sun actually but don't tell Clark that. Please check out all of my books and of course, enjoy reading! (at least I really hope you do) Take a look at my About Me Bio for more about me.

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