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Love doesn’t find you. It creates you. For up-and-coming writer, Culver Denning, love created a person that he couldn’t control. His words made him desirable by women and envied by men. But it was his search for love that truly defined him.

When his dream to become the a best selling author put him in the path of Ms. Chance, the unraveling of his life began. After their paths crossed, Culver was led down a road filled with love, confession, lies and obsession.

 Left me wanting more! The author has a way with words to captivate the readers! Loved the plot and twists!
Amazon Review
 Wow! I was not expecting that! Racy, sexy, intruiging! 50 Shades of Grey meets Danielle Steele drama! The way it’s written puts you right there, I could see every scene in my head. Great stuff here Daylon Deon. New author is really making a splash!
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You want to know all about love?  Read this.  This is the most realistic novel I’ve read!
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Published: October 29, 2014

Intended Audience: 18+ (mature readers)

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Price: $2.99 (digital download), $8.18 (paperback)

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