Day 8 New Human War

IN 2023, humanity was forced into a battle for its existence. The Sun ruptured and unleashed a hidden terror. That hidden terror was a race called the Vazzul. To battle the new terror, the government produced a vaccine intended to protect humanity. But what they did was create something that was much worse.

Day 8 New Human War is the epic series that follows the Derven family and their fight against the Day 8 mutations and Vazzul. Abraham, Samantha and Peter are the last line of New Humans that must put an end to the chaos that now grips the world.

But how can they fight an enemy that constantly changes? Find out how the New Human War will end!

Day 8 is a book series like no other!
Blitz Weekly

Published: April 8, 2013

Intended Audience: Young Adult 13+

Content Guide: PA, BV

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Price: $1.99 (digital download), $9.00 (paperback)

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