Timber Timmins and the Towering Tallwerts

The highly anticipated follow-up to The Terribly Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins is here! Timber Timmins is back for another exciting journey that takes her and friends to new places and introduces them to new dangers. This time Timber goes to the mysterious Outskirts of Badertown where they uncover their toughest challenge yet.

With Staffle at her side, Timber confronts a banished race of Tallwerts to find out what happened to her parents. Will she have what it takes this time or will darkness once again escape?

Join Timber now for another terribly terrific time!

Published: May 13, 2015

Intended Audience: All Ages

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Price: $2.99 (digital download), $8.00 (paperback)

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